Month: November 2019

Learner increases marks by 60% using pictures to study

Aaron[1] in Grade 7 increased his marks for History and Geography from 10% to 70% in one term using pictures to learn.  Impossible, you say?  Nope.  Here’s his story. At the end of term 1 with a History and Geography mark of 10% Aaron’s mom, Theresa[2], was very worried.  The school called her in to […]

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How to be the worst facilitator – Episode 3

Because we can learn a lot from how NOT to do things – like the editor who turned down JK Rowling or the guy who left The Beatles just before they became famous – I am spending some time thinking about how to be the worst facilitator in the world.  Obviously with the goal to […]

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How to be the worst facilitator in the world – Episode 2

There is much to be learned from doing it wrong.  History is strewn with the bodies of heroes and leaders who thought that they could rely on their experience and reputation – General Custer thought he could fight Sitting Bull’s army of 3,000 warriors with 250 men (he died in the ensuing massacre), Napoleon being […]

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