Facilitate for Results Workshop


Facilitate for Results will teach you how to take a brief from a customer for an intervention.  You’ll learn how to plan for the session in order to achieve the outcomes, and how to design the session in such a way that it is interactive and practical.  We cover how to handle various dynamics in the class and how to deal with difficult members.  You’ll have the opportunity to design and present a facilitated session in the class with immediate feedback from the group and the facilitator.  This course has everything you need to design, run and evaluate a facilitated session.


Trainers, facilitators, line managers.



You will leave with

1. Templates for planning a session.
2. A handout with facilitation exercises and how to run them.
3. A copy of Jenny Rogers “Facilitating Groups”.

Price: R8,500 per person (excl.VAT)

Upcoming Workshops:

Course is scheduled on request

2 days 08:30 – 16:30


  • Learn how to: Explain what “facilitation” means and what it is used for;
  • Take a brief for a facilitation intervention from a customer;
  • Discuss the role and style of a facilitator;
  • Plan an appropriate facilitation intervention to achieve a specific outcome;
  • Evaluate the dynamics in a group and identify the appropriate response for the facilitator;
  • Identify and apply various tools and methodologies to facilitate an outcome including (but not limited to): Contracting with the group to create safety and trust in the room; Ice-breaking and energisers; Analysis tools; Decision-making tools; Evaluation and closure.
  • Apply facilitative skills such as active listening, summarising, paraphrasing, clarifying and asking open ended probing questions;
  • Discuss auxiliary aspects such as room set-up, seating and lighting;
  • Apply the learning in a simulated environment by designing and facilitating an intervention.