Picture Your Strategy – Visual Strategic Workshop


Whether you’re crafting a strategy from scratch, or renewing a current strategy, using pictures stimulate creative thinking. Bespoke templates allow you and your team to ask the correct questions, engage in innovative thinking and craft a strategy that is relevant and successful. Because we use pictures, you will be more engaged and be able to make links and find gaps easily.


Teams, departments and organisations – (both big and small).



You will leave with

A clear strategy in picture format that you can communicate with the wider organisation.

Price: R35,000 for a 1-day workshop, R62,000 for a 2-day workshop.

Scheduled on request. This includes preparation, stationery and a post-workshop document.
Note: Price excludes venue hire. Email (lita@3stickmen.com) to schedule a workshop or for any queries.

Upcoming Workshops:

Course is scheduled on request

R35,000 for a 1-day workshop or
R62,000 for a 2-day workshop

Duration & Location
Excludes venue hire

Learn how to:
  • Craft a strategy from scratch, or renew a current strategy, using pictures to stimulate creative thinking.