Visual Thinking for Leaders


People think in pictures. As a leader, visual thinking is a powerful tool to engage your teams, explain concepts and think creatively. And you don’t have to be an artist to do it.

Join us for this 2-hour live online course and learn how to draw simple pictures to make meaning for people. Sometimes that’s the one thing they need to create a new insight or a breakthrough.

Join Lita Currie, a visual facilitator and business owner, for this 2-hour session where you will learn how to draw basic pictures and to incorporate these into your day-to-day business.

Just have some pen and paper ready, and be prepared to have some fun.


Leaders, Managers, Facilitators, Visual thinkers.



Date: On request

Price: R1,399 per person ex VAT (15%), or $95 USD

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Upcoming Workshops:

On request, 2 hours, R1,399 per person ex VAT (15%), or $95 USD

Duration & Location
2 hour Online Course.

Learn how to:
  • Draw simple pictures that can be used when capturing notes in class;
  • Create study references for tests and exams;
  • Create simple pictures and how to use them during class and when you study;
  • Create study notes and see your marks improve!