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We all think in pictures. Using pictures in your sessions will delight your audience and increase their retention.  How can we make your next session amazing?


In business you are out to achieve your strategy – implementing your plans, identifying the actions to get you there, training your resources to work in the most cost-effective way, in order to remain profitable.  We are here to help you solve these problems in a visually engaging and cost-effective way. More about what we do >

Free training videos teaching you how to draw simple icons and concepts with big impact.

Graphic Recording

Use our graphic artists to record a conference or seminar thereby creating an effective visual map of the content.

Visual Aids

We have developed a range of discussion cards to enable communication, new ideas & kickstart brainstorming sessions.

Training in Visual Thinking

Learn how to add interest & fun by including pictures in your training sessions, business meetings & client pitches.

Hand-drawn Videos

We create custom animated hand-drawn videos to sell your product or train your people. Example.

Our Customers

Lita Currie – The person behind 3 Stickmen

I am passionate about learning and development and have worked in building capability for over 2 decades. I love instructional design and facilitating learning using various methodologies, graphic facilitation being my favourite. I have designed and implemented function-wide competence programmes supporting business strategy, implementing performance improvement plans with the associated change management as well as evaluating the impact of these programmes.  I have done projects in the USA and Europe, as well as on the African continent. I hold a Professional Coaching qualification from GIBS and a certificate in Systemic Team Coaching from Henley Business School. I am a registered coach with COMENSA, a member of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners (IFVP) and a Participlan™️ Facilitator. I am based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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January 8, 2020
How to be the worst facilitator in the world – Episode 4

Because we can learn a lot from others that have boldly gone (excuse the split infinitive) where other facilitators fear to ...

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November 8, 2019
Learner increases marks by 60% using pictures to study

Aaron[1] in Grade 7 increased his marks for History and Geography from 10% to 70% in one term using pictures to learn.  ...

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Watch Lita in Action at the TalentTalks Africa Conference 2017

Intro to Visual Thinking Workshop

Sign up for one of our courses in Visual Thinking. Learn how to add interest and fun by including pictures in your training sessions and business meetings. Participants will be more engaged and retention will increase.

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