Keep your audience engaged during workshops and training sessions – whether online or in person. We use hand-drawn pictures created in the moment, to make your thinking come alive.

In business you are out to achieve your strategy – implementing your plans, identifying the actions to get you there, training your resources to work in the most cost-effective way, in order to remain profitable.  We are here to help you solve these problems in a visually engaging and cost-effective way.

Strategic visioning  – How committed are your employees to your strategic vision?  Can they articulate it in an “elevator speech”?  Imagine creating and communicating your vision in the form of a picture to your teams.  Use our graphic facilitators to clarify your business strategy and create a visual pathway of what you’d like to achieve.

Goal setting – A well-written goal is SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound.  Ensure that your personal goals, and that of your team, are aligned to the business strategy.  Identify short-, medium- and long-term goals that will move your organisation forward.  Use our consultants to facilitate your goal setting session.

Course development and facilitation – We design learning programmes to teach your staff the skills that they need in order to achieve the goals.  Our areas of expertise include performance management, team effectiveness, communication, creative thinking, storyboarding and presentation and behavioural interviewing.  Let us design classroom course, a self-study guide or an online solution to fit your needs.

Visual thinking workshops – Visual thinking is not just for artists – it is a skill that anyone can learn.  We run practical and powerful programmes aimed at teaching visual thinking that can increase problem solving and solutions creation.

Coaching – Coaching has been shown to be a powerful change agent.  It leads to better self-awareness, insights on strengths and developmental areas and assist in creating an impetus and motivation to change and develop.  We coach individuals, managers and teams to identify how they can achieve their personal development goals and become more effective and engaged.

Graphic recording – Use our graphic artists to record a conference or seminar thereby creating an effective visual map of the content.  Your participants can see the graphic being created in front of their eyes and it becomes a reminder of what was discussed and agreed.  Our research shows that retention and recall increases dramatically, even months after the conference.  This can be done on paper or virtually.

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We all think in pictures. Using pictures in your sessions will delight your audience and increase their retention. How can we make your next session amazing?


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About Lita Currie

Lita Currie is a business coach and facilitator. She has worked with clients from a variety of disciplines (Human Resources, Finance and Corporate Affairs) to achieve their developmental goals and career prospects. With over 20 years’ experience in the corporate field, she understands the daily challenges that executives and managers face.

She has worked extensively with Human Resource Business Partners and Financial Managers to assist them with becoming more strategic and increase the impact on the businesses they support. Her particular focus is new managers keen to make an impact and lead successful teams. Her coaching approach is eclectic and focuses on identifying and achieving goals in all aspects of a coachee’s life and career.

Lita holds a BA (cum laude) from the University of the Free State, an Honours degree (cum laude) in Adult Education from the University of the Witwatersrand and a qualification in Professional Business Coaching from GIBS.  She is a member of MENSA.